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Their technique relies on the common “centrality” of patents in the patent quotation network. Centrality refers to a quantity of standards for determining the rating or significance of nodes inside a community. New research from MIT aims to assist within the prediction of technology efficiency improvement utilizing U.S. patents as a dataset. The examine describes ninety seven p.c of the us patent system as a set of 1,757 discrete technology domains, and quantitatively assesses every area for its enchancment potential.

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In navigation, the muse to the next age of exploration was laid by the introduction of pintle-and-gudgeon rudders, lateen sails, the dry compass, the horseshoe and the astrolabe. The first music sequencer, a programmable musical instrument, was an automatic flute player invented by the Banu Musa brothers, described of their Book of Ingenious Devices, in the 9th century. He described 4 automaton musicians, together with two drummers operated by a programmable drum machine, the place the drummer could possibly be made to play different rhythms and totally different drum patterns. The citadel clock, a hydropowered mechanical astronomical clock invented by Al-Jazari, was an early programmable analog computer. Wind-powered machines used to grind grain and pump water, the windmill and wind pump, first appeared in what at the moment are Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan by the 9th century. They had been used to grind grains and draw up water, and used in the gristmilling and sugarcane industries.