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However, major banking trade groups weren’t too excited about the new rules and filed a lawsuit against the banking regulators last week. You will better understand the company’s strategy, business model, marketing, and vertical and horizontal industry stakeholders—valuable or interesting information for entrepreneurs or aspiring leaders in the industry, or even a consumer of the product. Some episodes also feature the companies’ CEOs/Founders, such as Jensen Huang of NVIDIA or Dara Khosrowshahi of Uber. Based on their internal data, 40% of the audience of this content are executives at the C-Suite or VP level. This statistic reflects the in-depth and knowledgeable business-oriented content of the show. Each episode delves into a company’s origins and describes the twists and turns that led to its current state.

  • In a rare move, Padma Bank PLC is going to convert institutional deposits into preference shares and provide them to customers seeking to withdraw funds, exposing how deeper its liquidity crisis is.
  • The Philippines will pitch Clark International Airport as the next Asian hub for aerospace investments in one of the largest…
  • Surge in commodity prices drives growth in Indonesia Statistics Indonesia reported Friday the country’s economic growth was recorded at 3.51 percent, slower than the previous quarter and below government expectation.
  • China’s market intervention is seen growing, after a surge in subscriptions in top exchange-traded funds.

So much so that Capital One is willing to bet more than $30 billion that they won’t break the habit. Volkswagen Leans on Electric Vehicles and Nostalgia to Grow in U.S.It and other foreign automakers are trying to exploit upheaval caused by new technology to gain market share from their dominant rivals. In a presidential battleground state, electric vehicles have emerged as a contested piece of the economic future — a job-killer or a job-creator. The company raised $7.3 billion over the last year, as the lure of artificial intelligence changes Silicon Valley deal-making.

Unemployment hits two-year high, as interest rate hikes bite

Anglo American Platinum is cutting 15% of its workforce due to economic pressures and operational challenges. Wedgewood Nougat celebrates 25 years of crafted confectionery and innovation, pioneering sustainable practices. Discovery, Disney and Fox are stealing its business plan of a being sports-centric program distributor after impeding its progress.

Business News

Today we look at why cocoa prices are soaring, whether India’s electoral bonds are bad for democracy and how a typo sent Lyft shares soaring. By 2024, more companies will have streamlined their operations and improved their customer offerings by taking a strategic approach to their data. As a result, they will be ready to take the next step – monetizing data itself to drive new business opportunities. Leading the way are companies like John Deere, which has pioneered the model of selling data from its sensor-laden farm equipment back to farmers as insights to improve productivity. As access to large-scale data collection and AI-driven analytics becomes increasingly democratized, we’ll see this trend adopted by smaller companies in niche and diversified sectors. ABC News business reporter Alexis Christoforous joins us to analyze the significance of these two major credit card companies’ merger.

Trump faces some half a billion dollars in legal penalties. How will he pay them?

China’s market intervention is seen growing, after a surge in subscriptions in top exchange-traded funds. Auto insurance premiums are set to climb this year as inflation, supply chain issues and theft make it more expensive to insure a vehicle, according to a new report. Drivers may see higher premiums for their electric vehicles as the insurance industry adjusts to the shift from gas-powered cars to electric alternatives, a new report suggests. Alberta Investment Management Corp., one of Canada’s largest pension plans, is opening a New York office as it pushes further into private credit investing. A national framework that allows smaller internet providers to offer services to customers by using rivals’ fibre networks would give residents of remote regions more affordable options, the industry regulator heard on Tuesday.