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Fáilte Ireland partners with SEAI to decarbonise tourism Business Fáilte Ireland has announced plans for 2024 which focus on the sustainable development of the tourism industry. Warren Pearce, CEO of the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies, says the federal government needs to be more ambitious as it drafts a rescue plan for Australia’s troubled nickel sector. Despite the perception of multilateral development banks as forces of good with do-no-harm mandates, the evidence shows they do actually cause harm. The AIIB was the first such bank to include an oversight mechanism in its founding documents, but it is nearly impossible for people affected to access it. Fresh pain at the pump as State triples Epra levyConsumers will pay more for fuel after the government tripled the tax payable to Epra….

Business News

Businesses urge more imports to fill meat supply gap Local cattle breeders project a large beef deficit this year and suggest shipments from abroad to bolster domestic stocks. Maine’s governor says a state-owned site on the coast of Maine will serve as the location of an offshore wind port critical to developing the nation’s first floating offshore wind power research array. Benchmark U.S. crude oil for March delivery fell $1.01 to $78.18 per barrel Tuesday. Brent crude for April delivery fell $1.22 to $82.34 per barrel.Wholesale gasoline for March delivery fell 6 cents to $2.28 a gallon. Georgia House leaders are signaling Medicaid health coverage won’t be expanded in 2024. A bill introduced Tuesday by a top lieutenant to Republican House Speaker Jon Burns proposes to create a Comprehensive Health Care Commission.

Farmers block Dutch-Belgian border as protests spread

HSBC, the biggest of Hong Kong’s three currency-issuing banks, missed annual profit estimates while increasing its dividend payout. The association representing Ontario colleges is warning of “long-lasting repercussions” from a federal cap on international student visas, and it’s asking for changes to the controversial policy move. Canada’s banking regulator has released final guidelines on how it expects banks to protect themselves against foreign interference and other risks related to integrity and security. The LCBO’s top executive says the retailer is looking to meet demand from many Ontario consumers looking for beverage choices with lighter alcohol content.

  • Jokowi signs regulation requiring Google, Meta to pay for news The rule brings Indonesia in line with Australia and Canada, which have enacted similar publishers’ rights policies.
  • The company is to raise prices in April because of rising costs and said it expected prices to stay high in the short term.
  • February 15, 2024 • In 2023, The Federal Reserve and other banking regulators announced they were making changes to how they grade banks on servicing local communities.
  • When online learning takes root in Chinese people’s lives, a content creator finds her niche in the knowledge-sharing sector by helping others understand the complicated world of business.
  • Six in 10 student loan borrowers have missed payments since the student loan payment pause ended in October after a 42-month payment and interest accrual pause, a recent survey said.
  • Wesfarmers CEO Rob Scott says the cost-of-living crisis has seen customers flock to the likes of Kmart for the first time.

The funds will be used to redeem bonds issued three years ago that have onerous clauses that could take the coupon rate on them to unusually… President Joko Widodo on Tuesday forecast an increase in capital and investment flow into Indonesia after the peaceful … While global leaders consider the regulation of artificial intelligence, Ilya Sutskever, one of the leading AI scientists behind ChatGPT, describes his philosophy of a technology that is shaping the world. IDX Composite bounces back with 0.77% gain on Tuesday The Indonesia Stock Exchange Composite rebounded by 0.77 percent on Tuesday to close at 7,352.60 after facing early-week setbacks. Jokowi signs regulation requiring Google, Meta to pay for news The rule brings Indonesia in line with Australia and Canada, which have enacted similar publishers’ rights policies.

Top 10 Chinese companies on 2023 Hurun Global 500 list

For example, Walmart WMT dramatically reduced its spending on fuel and vehicle maintenance by transitioning to an EV delivery fleet. We’ll also get better at spotting greenwashing, where companies pay lip service to environmentalism in an attempt to divert attention from environmentally unfriendly practices. With the general global economic downturn predicted to get worse before it gets better, companies are likely to remain cautious when it comes to spending and investing in radical new ideas in 2024. However, there are a number of technological and societal trends that are simply too big to ignore or put off until better days.