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However, major banking trade groups weren’t too excited about the new rules and filed a lawsuit against the banking regulators last week. You will better understand the company’s strategy, business model, marketing, and vertical and horizontal industry stakeholders—valuable or interesting information for entrepreneurs or aspiring leaders in the industry, or even a consumer of the product. Some episodes also feature the companies’ CEOs/Founders, such as Jensen Huang of NVIDIA or Dara Khosrowshahi of Uber. Based on their internal data, 40% of the audience of this content are executives at the C-Suite or VP level. This statistic reflects the in-depth and knowledgeable business-oriented content of the show. Each episode delves into a company’s origins and describes the twists and turns that led to its current state.

  • In a rare move, Padma Bank PLC is going to convert institutional deposits into preference shares and provide them to customers seeking to withdraw funds, exposing how deeper its liquidity crisis is.
  • The Philippines will pitch Clark International Airport as the next Asian hub for aerospace investments in one of the largest…
  • Surge in commodity prices drives growth in Indonesia Statistics Indonesia reported Friday the country’s economic growth was recorded at 3.51 percent, slower than