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Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Want to learn more about every facet of personal finance mentioned above? You can listen to interesting and informative conversations about money matters anytime you like with NerdWallet’s podcast.

  • As an MBA finance student at Booth, you’ll have many opportunities to get involved in student groups, competitions, and other activities.
  • Debt and credit can be significant financial burdens for small businesses.
  • We ensure that the same rules apply to cryptocurrencies as to real monetary assets, e.g. in anti-money laundering.
  • See what tickers are trending overall and by sector each trading day.
  • Understanding the financial implications of your decisions and clearly communicating those decisions to key stakeholders can help advance your career.

For shorter time frames, the calculation of interest is similar for both methods. As the lending time increases, the disparity between the two types of interest calculations grows. Based on the applicant’s creditworthiness, the lender either denies or approves the application.

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This theory-based Yale course provides you with some basic knowledge of financial markets, behavioral finance, stocks, bonds, mortgage lending, recessions, and regulations. Citing historical and real-world examples, this class aims at encouraging more ethical and effective use of these industries. A great example of corporate finance is when a business chooses between equity financing and debt financing to raise capital.


Our faculty regularly invite these leading practitioners and influencers to speak to students in the Booth classroom, providing you with greater access to learn, network, and grow. To see more finance courses, visit our course catalog and search by concentration area for your program of interest. This course develops, critically assesses, and applies theories of pricing derivatives. Topics include forward contracts, futures, and swaps; pricing forwards and futures; interest rate and currency swaps; options and no-arbitrage restrictions; and trading strategies and slope and convexity restrictions. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, begin your learning journey with edX today. Reloading is the practice of taking out a new loan to pay off an existing loan, obtain a lower interest rate, or consolidate debt.

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Your work hours, official title, maternity and paternity leave, vacation time, and which projects you’ll work on could all be things that a future employer may be willing to negotiate. If you psych yourself out before you even get started (“I’ll never pay off debt!”), then you’re setting yourself up to fail. You need motivation to start adopting better money habits, and if you craft a vision board, it can help remind you to stay on track with your financial goals.